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Artisan carpentry work

Work at home is sometimes looked down upon by some, as they think that their materials and works are of low quality, however, there are those who think that this type of artisanal carpentry is a work with a lot of effort, dedication and great quality in all aspects. It is very common today to find very good quality carpentry jobs, since these people are generally a job from generation to generation and they work diligently to get high quality wooden furniture and accessories .

Function of artisan carpentry

Artisan carpentry is a valuable profession for the towns and community development, since it helps the economic development of the families who practice this profession. This consists of a job where wood is the main tool for making furniture. Wood is a renewable natural resource that is being exploited greatly by large industries, on the other hand, there is a great variety of types of wood, among which we can mention: cedar, sessile pine, scots pine, oak, walnut, chestnut, oak, which are one of the most used by carpentry workshops .

Wood is a resistant material, however some types of wood are at risk of disappearing due to their high degree of deforestation. However, artisan carpentry workshops use wood that comes out at a good price, what they also do is that they use proper and artisanal procedures to protect the wood from damage that it may have in the future. Among some things they do to protect the wood of the furniture is that they cover them with varnish to use them as a sealant, or they also use liquid protectants to protect them from insects and fungi that can adhere to the wood, in this way they will have a long life.

Suitable tools for artisan carpentry

All artisan works are those that have been given by families through the ages, these artisan works are delicate like all work. The tools are just as useful as in any industry, they can be basic and traditional cutting tools such as: brushes, sanders, saws, saws, rulers, hammers, nails, glue, among other materials. All these tools have a special function, which using them in the best way we can get a fine and high quality furniture comparable to that of a large company.

Furniture made in artisan carpentry is furniture that is made with great dedication and delicacy. For this reason, these handmade furniture can have a high cost, since all the procedures have cost the staff, that is, there is no elaboration step in which man does not have to intervene. That is why artisan carpentry is highly appreciated and is considered to be one of the manual jobs that require great knowledge and special elaboration techniques that only a professional can do, so we must value jobs such as artisan carpentry and prioritize them to industrial jobs .

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