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Types of wood for joinery

The works made with wood are highly valued, it is not uncommon for a home, office, entertainment areas, study rooms and others to see very beautiful wooden furniture. Wooden furniture is in high demand internationally, these are produced by large internationally recognized companies, but they are also manufactured by carpenters who have their workshops at home, which are not negligible jobs, since they also have a large quality and delicacy in furniture work. Today we want to introduce you to some types of furniture wood that you can use in your workshop.

Wood for furniture recommended for your carpentry

Pine wood , this is a type of wood that is recommended for jobs, especially since it is an easy wood to work with. This wood can be rustic but it also provides accessible qualities such as staining it, stripping it, among others. However, it is considered a type of wood vulnerable to deterioration with blows.

Cherry wood , this is a classy type of wood, which can be easily differentiated from the others, since it has a reddish hue, with fine grain and is very easy to work with. On the other hand, this wood is easy to maintain, something they recommend is to keep it away from the sun's rays so that it does not lose its color.

Mahogany wood, this wood is widely used by large and small furniture producers, it has a traditional use, for many reasons. Also this type of wood must be protected from sunlight, as well as from dry areas.

Oak wood , this is a type of furniture wood that is widely used for interiors, it is multifunctional and can resist many finishes as it is a type of hard wood. In addition, oak wood can be found in many colors, this makes it even more demanded by customers.

Teak furniture , this is a type of wood widely used mainly because it is a wood of great resistance and hardness, suitable for making unique styles of furniture, including extravagant and personalized types of furniture. In addition, this type of wood is of a type that can last for many years and you can only maintain it with oils, that is, it does not require many treatments to clean it.

These are some of the common types of wood , used for the manufacture of furniture, apart from them there are other types, but do not get carried away by appearance, since they can make you look bad in front of your clients. Each wood is different and needs different techniques to work and treat it, so we wanted to introduce you to the basics so that you are aware and take note. So decide to make large carpentry furniture in your carpentry, create new and different furniture with special wood, which will make your carpentry workshop much more in demand and create new customers asking for quality wood furniture.

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