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What are the basic tools in a carpentry workshop

Furniture is a traditional and elegant element in homes, families choose to decorate their main room with furniture for greater comfort. There is a wide variety of materials with which furniture can be made, however, wood is the raw material par excellence. It is for this reason that many artisan carpentry workshops arise which are dedicated to the elaboration and repair of wooden furniture . But to make a good carpentry workshop you need basic tools like the ones we will mention below.

Basic and indispensable tools for carpentry.

1. Saws and saws : these are a basic tool that can not be missing in any woodworking workshop, as they are essential to make the necessary cuts and designs in the wood.

2. Wood brush : this is basic to be able to remove the chips and roughness that have remained in the wood, very useful also when it is necessary to lower the wood a few millimeters.

3. Manual drill : it is a tool that helps carpenters to fix screws, very special for making and marking small holes.

4. Hammer : this is an indispensable tool with which you cannot go wrong. The hammer helps many DIY and pressure work.

5. Metal square : this is basic for all types of carpentry craft work, since it helps to set distances and defined cutting lines. Help your furniture stay aligned and without unevenness failures.

6. Pliers and pliers : these are tools that cannot be missed, which help to do jobs such as: removing nails, tacks and cutting other types of small tools.

7. Screws : screws are a small but valuable tool in carpentry, since by means of screws you can join pieces of wood and you can also put hinges and other types of handles.

8. Nails : nails are elements that, like screws, are very useful and are small but very helpful in your artisan carpentry workshop. Make sure the nails have a fine point and preferably steel so that you can have better results to fix the pieces of the wooden furniture.

These and other accessories should not be missing in your carpentry workshop at home , since they are very useful tools and if you don't have them you can get into trouble. Some basic tools that you cannot miss are: cutter, wood glue, carpenter's pencil, sandpaper, straps and sergents, all these elements are necessary in your workshop.

Basic tools in your workshop are essential and all those mentioned above can help you get great quality jobs for your clients, little by little you can get more tools, but you can start by working with basic tools like these and you will see that your work will be equal to or better than any other wood furniture company.

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